Introducing Eric Nash

Eric Nash, Chief Executive Office, SF Gilmore

With nearly 20 years of contract furniture experience, Eric Nash joined SF Gilmore (dba Cumberland Furniture) as the VP of Operations in 2016. During his tenure, a talented operations team was assembled, and an effective management system based on lean manufacturing principles was implemented. His expertise allowed a focus on operational KPIs, reduction of throughput in manufacturing operations, and the strengthening of relationships with customers, leading to new sales opportunities. In 2020, Eric was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, successfully navigating the company through challenging conditions brought on by the pandemic, adding and streamlining products in the portfolio, and focusing on business process improvements.

Assuming the role of CEO at SF Gilmore, Inc in April 2023, Eric is committed to steering the brand towards continuous improvement.

“Our commitment is evident in the strategic additions to the team, enhancements to business systems, and meticulous refinement of long-term business strategy. We hold a deep sense of pride in our rich heritage, commitment to quality craftsmanship, and the reputation for excellence associated with our American-made products that we are known for. 

As CEO, my vision is to deliver impactful products that address market needs, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued partners. We're committed to providing tools that empower our sales reps, dealers, and design firms, enhancing their efficiency and success. Together, we're shaping a future where our beautiful, quality products meet the demands of the market with ease and excellence.”

During his 25-year career, Eric's experience encompassed 14 years at Haworth, where he held leadership positions in various business groups, including Systems, Metal, Wood, and Architectural Interiors. His international experience, expertise in lean manufacturing, talent development, and financial acumen make him uniquely qualified to lead SF Gilmore into the future. Eric's commitment to continuous improvement, customer-centric strategies, and investment in technology positions SF Gilmore for sustained success in the evolving contract furniture industry.­­