We offer a complete range of wood finishes and metal, stone, glass, and solid surface materials in a thoughtfully curated palette. Our extensive material offering is available on everything we make to ensure a consistent aesthetic throughout an environment.

material selection guide


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Wood Finish

Maple Finishes

Our finish sample colors are shown on Maple. While Maple is the standard on all our products, other wood species may also be available.

Walnut Finishes

Walnut finishes are a premium option available on select products. Walnut is a very dark wood with more visible grain. 

Oak Finishes

White Oak finishes are a premium option available on select products. White Oak is a deeply grained wood with a rougher surface texture that features a lower sheen finish than our standard Maple finishes.

Cerused Finish on Oak

To accentuate the deep grain of Rift White Oak, we have developed a hand-wiped, cerused low sheen finish, a premium option available on select products.


We offer a versatile array of enduring metal finishes to suit any design style, ranging from painted metal to polished and satin brass or stainless steel.

Stainless Finishes

Painted Metal Finishes

Stone & Solid Surface


Granite and marble stone are natural materials that vary in color and veining. Engineered stone is made to look and feel like natural stone but offers greater uniformity and durability. Both options can be polished for a reflective finish or honed for a matte, satin-smooth look and feel.

Grade A

Grade B

Grade C

Solid Surface

Non-porous and exceptionally durable, our solid surface is Corian® in Glacier White. Corian is available in an entire palette of colors from the manufacturer through our COM program. 


Back Painted Glass

Painted glass allows timeless neutrals to be incorporated into any design. White Satin Glass is acid-etched on top, offering a “frosted” satiny finish that looks like sand-blasted glass.

Clear Glass

Our standard glass is clear flat glass. Due to its inherent properties, a green cast may become visible when an object is placed under the glass. The greenness of the cast will increase as the glass gets thicker. Starphire® glass is an ultra-clear option that maintains its clarity in any thickness.

Colored Glass

Colored glass is produced with small additions of metal oxides to the float glass furnace. Small additions of cobalt oxide create a grey tint. Neither process affects the basic properties of the glass except its solar energy transmittance. The color is homogeneous throughout the thickness.