Thick and Thin Modular

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Add visual interest to open spaces with our Thick and Thin Modular system, which features elements that can be used as standalone or combined to meet a broad range of layouts and needs. Curved and straight lines, thick and thin proportions, and varying heights offer designers a versatile palette to support any space. Facilitate privacy, encourage interaction, or direct traffic flow between spaces without building architectural walls with this highly adaptable system of seating and tables.

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Highly adaptable to support any space, Thick and Thin Lounge components can be combined in a multitude of configurations or used as standalone seating. Varied wall heights, options for curved or straight lines, and thick and thin proportions allow customization for the degree of enclosure and versatility in layout. Set-back legs form a floating effect while an array of material choices combine to create a dynamic aesthetic.

2700 Lounge / Corner / 29
2719 Lounge / Corner Curved / 29
Corner Curved
2729 Lounge / Curved / 29
2745 Lounge / Straight / 1-Seat / 29
2749 Lounge / Straight / 2-Seat / 29
2753 Lounge / Straight / 3-Seat / 29
Benches and Ottoman

The versatile Thick and Thin vocabulary includes straight and curved benches and a round ottoman to provide maximum flexibility for designers in accommodating environment needs. Each element features clean lines and set-back legs that form a floating effect. Combine components to create a multitude of configurations or use as standalone seating.

2758 Bench / Straight / 1-Seat / for Thin Back Line Drawing
2760 Bench / Straight / 2-Seat / for Thin Back Line Drawing
2762 Bench / Straight / 3-Seat / for Thin Back Line Drawing
2728 Bench / 90 Degree Curve / for Thin Back Line Drawing
2764 Ottoman / Round Line Drawing

Thick and Thin Tables can be freestanding or part of a modular configuration, providing functional surfaces for work and display. Clean lines, set-back legs, and an array of material options combine to create a dynamic aesthetic. Tables are available in square, rectangular, curved, and round shapes.

2779 Table / Square / for Benches Line Drawing
2784 Table / Square / with Back / 29
Square with Back
2815 Table / Half / for Benches Line Drawing
2811 Table / Half / with Back / 29
Half with Back
2766 Table / Corner / with Back / 29
Corner with Back
2771 Table / Corner Curved / with Back / 29
Curved Corner with Back
2790 Table / Corner Curved / for Benches Line Drawing
2782 Table / Rectangle / for Benches Line Drawing
2789 Table / Round Line Drawing
Powered Options

Thick and Thin can help keep mobile devices charged with optional powered lounge components or an optional powered armrest.

2795 Lounge / Powered Corner / Powered / 29
Thick and Thin Corner
2797 Lounge / Powered Straight / Powered / 1-Seat / 29
Thin Center
2804 Armrest / Powered Line Drawing
Armrest Options




Designed by Charlie Kane